As our husband-and-wife founders Terence Yeung & Bella Koh will attest to, every single item in that space is a pride of joy - passionately fussed upon and lovingly handpicked on their monthly travels.

With every romantic escape, they come home sharing a suitcase filled with belongings and stories. So you'll always find something new.

Bella and Terence love the adage that life is best lived slow.
That's why we too urge you, to take your time.



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“Husband-and-wife owners Terence Yeung and Bella Koh select the vintage they carry with precision and holistic guidance, mainly via LOHAS -- a self-imposed belief in a “lifestyle of health and sustainability.”


“And walking into Flea and Trees can feel like a step into the past. On its racks and shelves are dresses, books, jewelry and housewares, some 
vintage, some new. The unifying quality, which could aptly describe Tiong Bahru as well, is that all of it is refreshingly quirky.”


“This is the endlessly fascinating treasure trove you’ve been seeking. It’s varied, well-curated, and affordable. Their clothing and accessories (some vintage) are guaranteed head-turners. There are also vintage fashion mags, design books, furniture, and even rustic kitchenware.”


“Flea & Trees is a veritable Front Row treasure trove of eclectic vintage furniture, clothes, accessories, books, ceramics, homeware and magazines, which are all mostly one-of-a-kind.”


"So what sets this vintage shop apart from the rest? ... ‘It sounds snobby, but that’s what all our customers have been telling us. Selecting a vintage piece takes a good eye.’ The couple is also focused on introducing LOHAS, a ‘lifestyle of health and sustainability’."


"...packs loads of style punch! It carries some really awesome vintage pieces, Japanese vintage clothing, beautiful jewellery, clutches and bags, glasses, knick knacks for your home... you get the picture. It's just a delightful little gem for any style maven!"


"...mouth-watering fashions and jewellery"


"...This place is amazing! We felt like kids in a candy store with all the gorgeous colors of the wide array of jewelry, dresses, glasses, vintage Louboutins, and the list goes on. We have arrived in a vintage heaven! 


We are also mentioned in Mulberry Blog, WSJ Blog, Lonely Planet, I-S Magazine, CondeNast Travel, Thai airways, Jet Airways, Zaobao,, Great New Places, The Ponderous Pilgrim, CNN Travel, Urban Journey, Stretch City


      Bella Koh, co-owner of Flea and Trees, was also on:



"...“Let It Go.” I have never found three words that made my life any happier and more peaceful. I utter these words under my breath whenever something or someone hits hard at me."


I have always wanted to share with people the things I scoured from across the globe, so we started Flea & Trees. More than just clothing, accessories and furniture, Flea & Trees is a nest of belongings, styles, and stories. The shop itself has always had a strong sense of personality, which I try to amplify. It’s a little window into my many loves and temptations.


"We designed the house in such a way that it will be better than a hotel or a spa so that we don't have to travel anymore.'..."


Bella is also featured and mentioned in L'Officiel, Style Mag, Epicure, VultureHer World, Juice, Simply her, August Man, August Woman, and Catalog.


Our physical shop is located at Singapore's oldest and most charming Tiong Bahru Estate, 68 Seng Poh Lane, #01-10. We are expanding our shopping experience to the online retail platform, Flea and Trees is an evolving and sustainable retail brand where something is more than it is.