It’s interesting to note how my recipes mostly came about out of my sheer laziness.

    This rösti recipe was just one of them.
    I always demanded my meals fast, preparation wise. 
    Hence, with a few potatoes left in my rustic vegetable basket plus a bottle of barely consumed organic sauerkraut lingering in the fridge,
    I googled up a few recipes. 
    Sure, the simple combination of rösti recipes popped up. 
    But damn, those recipes were time-consuming. 
    I wanted my rösti immediately seeing all those cripsy shredded potatoes on the world wide web. 
    Doubtful and with zero patience, I began to think of solutions. 
    Of course we all know the essence to making an amazing rösti is perhaps its crunchy outer texture and soft potato-ish interior. 
    If you parboil them, you have to let the moisture drain out before grating.
    Some even keep the potatoes overnight before they commence grating. 
    Those are honestly not quite humans.
    Thus, I felt compelled to experiment.
    Roasting them was the first option that came to my mind.
    How else will you strip the potatoes of the moisture yet keep them tasty?
    Roasting is one of the most brilliant cooking methods ever created for lazy people.
    Pop anything in the oven, sprinkle with awesome sea salt, herbs and EVOO and you’ll probably get stunning results. It’s down to the timing and temperature one has to master.
    Semi-roasting is one of the tricks to this homemade rösti.
    Made as quick as your time spent heating up a pre-packaged frozen rösti.
    I am sorry but we cannot be friends if you buy pre-packaged röstis.
    So, try out this recipe, invented by laziness. 
    Have several röstis upon mastering this recipe and climb up a few stairs to burn them off. 
    I promise you this is one of the healthiest rösti recipes you have ever eaten. X

    Serves 1-2

    • 2 organic russet potatoes peeled
    • 2 tbsp cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
    • ½ cup organic saukerkraut 
    • 2 tbsp organic sour cream [optional]
    • Pinch of sea salt 


    1. Sprinkle potatoes with sea salt and a dash of olive oil. 
      Roast the potatoes in the oven for 15-20 mins at 200°C.
      *Caution: Do not roast till soft. Only semi-roast the potatoes.
    2. Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat. 
      Once potatoes are slightly cooled, grate them immediately onto frying pan until it fills up the surface.
    3. Add olive oil and fry the rösti for 3-4 minutes on both sides, using the back of a wooden spatula, gently push down to make it compact. Only flip over until it turns golden-brown on each side. 
    4. Remove from the pan. Serve hot on a plate and garnish with saukerkraut and a dollop of sour cream. 

     Recipe, Food Styling and Photography by Bella Koh @catslavery

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    • Sweeti says...

      These, for me, were a total failure when it comes to lokonig like the photo and going smoothly. It took an hour and a half from start to finish, they wouldn’t mash properly, and didn’t brown or crisp up in the oven! I gave up on the smashing, since mine wouldn’t do it without sticking so badly I had to pick it up and reform it! I smashed up all the potatoes and rolled them up like cookie dough and placed them on the cookie sheet. I am usually a great cook, and these tasted good, but man what an ordeal I had!

      On April 07, 2015

    • Hajar says...

      Oh my goodness!! I made these last night (with a few minor adsumtjents due to lack of ingredients) and they were absolutely delicious!! I was surpised as I would not have thought anything other than brown sugar and cinnamon would have worked on sweet potatoes. I did not have any cumin or chipotle chili powder so I left those out all toghether, and I did not have any garlic so just used garlic powder. Also, due to laziness, I only seasoned one side of the smashe potatoes. They were so good, I cannot even describe it. The way the potatoes crisp up and the sugar carmelizes the spice mixture yum! This should seriously be a recipe in a fancy steakhouse. I will definitely make this again and again and again. Thank you for sharing!!!

      On April 03, 2015

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