I made a raw vegan cake over the weekend, partly resting - I had injured myself during a bikram yoga class.
    Pushing myself way too hard at standing bow pose, when my hips and back were strangely opened after a
    hot vinyasa class.
    Much thanks to my teacher, Jacqueline. She does the most amazing fun classes and is hilarious by the way.
    Thanks to her, every Monday felt livelier. 
    That said, it was the deepest standing bow pose I have ever gotten into over my years of practice. 
    I could barely walk up stairs that night, and every step I took was frustratingly painful.   
    There’s this daily drama unfolding as I cringed thinking that I have to spend time away from yoga now or
    perhaps I should just go despite my injury. 
    Tormented by the thoughts of no yoga until I recover. 

    What is it like to not spend everyday practicing yoga? 
    All I can share with you is when I practice yoga, I carry the spirit of positivity with me.
    Thankfully, I recovered within three days. 
    Your body is always there, and should not be taken for granted, as it is part of life. 
    As my teacher, Knot aways reminds us, “Practice awareness, Practice mindfulness."


    @catslavery wears VANJA necklace, MAGDA earrings and CIARA rings.
    Photography by Terence Yeung @dearterence, Art Direction and Styling by Bella Koh @catslavery.

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    • Krimo says...

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      On April 07, 2015

    • Christine says...

      Hi Darby, thanks very much for sadtaury. Mina and I are both delighted with these pictures. They are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the others.Thanks very much.

      On April 03, 2015

    • Becks says...

      I LOVE your dress! Where did you get it from?!

      On March 07, 2015

    • Fiona says...

      I really appreciate this wonderful cake, and hope to make it out by myself. Could you share the recipe? Much thanks!

      On August 06, 2014

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